Feeling Overwhelmed And Need An IT Provider That Has Patience?

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IT Corps and Lakewood Animal Hospital’s business relationship all started with a ‘like’. In October 2014, IT Corps began following Lakewood Animal Hospital on Facebook. Shortly after making the social connection, Lakewood Animal Hospital sought out IT Corps to help address the company’s IT needs. 

 Prior to connecting with IT Corps, Lakewood Animal Hospital was in the midst of preparing and scheduling an upgrade to the company’s Practice Management Software (PMS). The Animal Hospital was transitioning to a new PMS system after using its previous PMS for the last 12 years. The upgrade needed to run without glitches due to the importance of this software for the Hospital.  PMS gives veterinarians the ability to schedule appointments and manage every aspect of the client’s file. This software is Lakewood Animal Hospitals’ lifeline to providing the necessary services to its clients. IT Corps helped configure each PC with the new software as well as connecting the PMS system to the company’s server, without any glitches and with very little down time. 

  In the six months IT Corps has been working with Lakewood Animal Hospital, the company has upgraded its network infrastructure to improve network performance, increased user manageability and security by implementing a domain server and next gen firewall as well as protected its data by implementing IT Corps’ backup System Retriever with offsite data recovery.  In addition to the network and data upgrades, IT Corps has improved printing functions hospital-wide by centrally managing printers instead of having to manage them independently, increased network capacity by upgrading the network backbone and Installed a Centrally Managed Antivirus and Malware solution for the PC’s.

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On April 1, 2015

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