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Mike Ita and his business relationship with the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA) has a long accomplished history of 13 years. Mike was originally contracted by FCSLA in 2003 when he was an independent contractor.  FCSLA was unhappy with its current IT vendor due to poor service and slow response times servicing the needs of FSCLA’s 45 employees plus managing the data of its 85,000 members nationwide. Fast-forward to present day, Mike and IT Corps is the preferred IT vendor for this $700 million company.

Through all of IT Corps’ accomplishments, FCSLA has saved money in excess of six figures by implementing up-to-date technology features. One of IT Corps first big accomplishments was to revamp the month-end-process.  The old process wasn’t dynamic enough to allow system access while processing, hindering business process during that time. With the newly implemented system, FCSLA is able to process month end data while concurrently accessing the system during processing.  This revision also streamlined the process down to a few hours, allowing business to return to normal that same day.

In addition to modernizing the month-end-process, IT Corps has accomplished several other network and server infrastructure projects, allowing FCSLA to consolidate and streamline its technology usage; saving hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. These projects include: researching, implementing and supporting the company’s document Management system, Fortis, which integrates to the custom designed in-house Policy Management System (PMS), designing and implementing a Web-Accessible Web-based Insurance Illustration product as well as assisting with the conversion of completely digital state insurance contracts, converting to a Managed Backup system with offsite data colocation, engineering and implementing a VMWare infrastructure as well as updating all computer systems to Windows 7. In order to protect and support these newly implemented technology advances, IT Corps authored and executed the FCSLA’s Disaster Recovery Plan as well as its Business Continuity Plan, to ensure business would be minimally impacted in case of a disaster.

IT Corps has played an imperative role with FCSLA’s business operations. They helped facilitate the successful migration of data and resources after an acquisition of another fraternal society.  By implementing a data retention archive for compliance purposes, IT Corps passed three state audits as well as two IT audits conducted by independent vendors with no discrepancies.

IT Corps is still currently servicing all of FCSLA’s IT needs, including, vendor liaison, vendor contract negotiation, IT consulting, engineering, project management, service and maintenance of all IT related systems, and utilizing IT Corps’ System Retriever backup product paired with offsite data colocation.

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On February 9, 2016

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