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Who we Are

We offer IT services for small to mid-size businesses in the Cleveland/Akron area with over 20 years experience.
From server maintenance to establishing wireless connections to selecting & implementing new computers, IT Corps makes these necessary transitions effortless, leaving you without a care in the IT world!


It’s Time To Make
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We offer a wide range of custom solutions for any industry.
Our specialties include: IT Consulting, Business Continuity Planning, Digital Imaging Services, Email & SPAM Protection, Virtualization, Network Design & Implementation, VOIP and Security Services.

  • IT Consulting & Business Continuity Planning

    • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    • Business Continuity Plan Design
    • IT Infrastructure Services
    •  IT Outsourcing & Supplementation
    • Performance Assessments

  • Network Design & Implementation

    • LAN/WAN Design
    • Server/Workstation Configuration
    • Network Assessment
    • Data Migration
    • Storage/Data Backup
    • Virtualization Implementation

  • Security Services & Protection

    • Gateway & Firewalls
    • Endpoint (Antivirus)
    • Vulnerability Assessments
    • Compliance & Risk
    • Data Protection
    • Email Archiving

Case Studies

  • Are You Sleeping Well At Night With Your Current IT Provider?

    “With IT Corps we sleep well at night knowing our mission critical systems and IT needs are in highly competent and responsive hands!”

    - Russ Hill, President, Ultimate Lead Systems

    Ultimate Lead Systems (ULS) and IT Corps’ history has matured into a successful business relationship over the last seven years. Because of ULS’ business environment, the company needs an IT provider that can deliver diverse, flexible and personal services to handle the company needs. Prior to IT Corps coming onboard full-time in 2013, management felt the company’s technology needs and goals were not being met by its previous provider. This is why ULS called IT Corps. Management knew IT Corps would provide ULS with the personal service as well as the professionalism they were seeking.

     In January of 2013, IT Corps conducted an internal technology audit to see how they could improve and support the current systems ULS had in-house. During this audit, IT Corps discovered one server that was in need of safeguarding. IT Corps quickly replaced the server and was able to get ULS back to normal business operations in less than one hour! During this this server transition, IT Corps implemented its System Retriever backup solution with offsite data colocation in IT Corps’ Data Center to maximize recoverability in case of a disaster.

     Due to ULS’ line of business, its custom Customer Relationship Management and Sales Lead Management system are essential to the daily business needs. IT Corps constantly monitors ULS’s servers, which host these systems, to ensure everything is functioning properly. If glitches do arise, Mike and his technicians are able to quickly address and fix any issues before they turn into bigger problems.

     Over the last seven years, Mike and IT Corps have personally implemented VMWare to house the Development Environment for the current as well as the new version of the application ULS is developing, upgraded all systems to Windows 7, configured Virtual Windows 7 for all developers to allow remote access from any location and migrated his custom written application from Server 2003 to Server 2008R2. IT Corps is currently working on leveraging virtual technologies, supporting current and future applications and is always consulting with ULS management on the best technology practices for its business.


  • Are You On A Tight Budget?

    “What has always impressed me with IT Corps is their flexibility in working with us.  When it comes to balanced budget restrictions and the timing of upgrades, they have nothing but respect for our idiosyncrasies.  In addition to that, you just can’t find a more reliable IT company.  IT Corps really has our back.”

    - Caroline Kirkner, Member Services Director, Akron Bar Association

    In 2009, the Akron Bar Association (ABA) in Akron, Ohio was entering a new year in a new building with a new Executive Director. With a 25% reduction in staff support and unruly economic conditions, the ABA staff faced even more changes trying to streamline and simplify their processes and procedures in order to remain useful to its members and the community.

    Enter technology. IT Corps, to be precise. Reliable, reasonably priced computers were found and installed. Wireless accessibility for members and staff was implemented. An economical yet dependable internet service provider was located and employed. Throughout the years servers and a firewall were replaced, and remote system access was made available to staff.

    The Akron Bar Association is now in its 5th year of working with IT Corps. Keeping their promise to help streamline and simplify, IT Corps recently migrated the computers from Windows XP to Windows 7, implemented a faster internet connection, condensed & eliminated unnecessary servers utilizing VMWare, and began storing backups in the cloud.

  • Responsible, Affordable, Honest, and Reliable

    “Responsible, affordable, honest, and reliable IT solutions and services”

    –Patty Murphy, Allied Enterprises, Inc.

    Allied Enterprises, Inc., started working with IT Corps in October 2008. Before IT Corps, the company was working with antiquated and outdated technology and network systems. Management saw the need to streamline these systems in order to increase workforce productivity. They called IT Corps because they wanted a company that would provide them with realistic solutions to fit its business goals.

    One of these realistic solutions management had in mind was to provide its sales representatives with the ability to operate on a remote network to access their email and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data. Communication via email and CRM data are the company’s lifelines. Without access to these lifelines, sales representatives have limited access to emails, company servers and client information.

    IT Corps implemented several technology advances to achieve this goal. Through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), the sales representatives were able to gain access to their files and the CRM system from their geographic location, allowing them to work from virtually anywhere. IT Corps has also implemented an email exchange server in-house as well as provided a solution for consolidating CRM data back up. This has helped streamline the process from back up tapes into one automated solution with IT Corps Data Center. IT Corps is able to continuously monitor all server activity, removing the chance of human error that is common with tape backups and ensuring business continuity in case of a disaster.

    Through the years, IT Corps has executed a modern technology plan to allow Allied Enterprises to stay current with the latest software and network systems. IT Corps has successfully upgraded all computers to Windows 7, consolidated multiple servers to VMWare saving hardware, space and power costs, installed a smart firewall to improved security, implemented an in-house CRM system as well as performed daily maintenance of the company’s technology needs.

  • Feeling Overwhelmed And Need An IT Provider That Has Patience?

    "It was a stroke of good fortune that I stumbled across this IT company. How reassuring it is to have a knowledgeable, trusted technology partner to take care of our network, backups, security, printers, etc--without which our business could not function. All this for a very reasonable monthly fee – our peace of mind is priceless!"

    - Polly Baran, Lakewood Animal Hospital

    IT Corps and Lakewood Animal Hospital’s business relationship all started with a ‘like’. In October 2014, IT Corps began following Lakewood Animal Hospital on Facebook. Shortly after making the social connection, Lakewood Animal Hospital sought out IT Corps to help address the company’s IT needs. 

     Prior to connecting with IT Corps, Lakewood Animal Hospital was in the midst of preparing and scheduling an upgrade to the company’s Practice Management Software (PMS). The Animal Hospital was transitioning to a new PMS system after using its previous PMS for the last 12 years. The upgrade needed to run without glitches due to the importance of this software for the Hospital.  PMS gives veterinarians the ability to schedule appointments and manage every aspect of the client’s file. This software is Lakewood Animal Hospitals’ lifeline to providing the necessary services to its clients. IT Corps helped configure each PC with the new software as well as connecting the PMS system to the company’s server, without any glitches and with very little down time. 

      In the six months IT Corps has been working with Lakewood Animal Hospital, the company has upgraded its network infrastructure to improve network performance, increased user manageability and security by implementing a domain server and next gen firewall as well as protected its data by implementing IT Corps’ backup System Retriever with offsite data recovery.  In addition to the network and data upgrades, IT Corps has improved printing functions hospital-wide by centrally managing printers instead of having to manage them independently, increased network capacity by upgrading the network backbone and Installed a Centrally Managed Antivirus and Malware solution for the PC’s.

  • Is Your Business Expanding?

    "As AVREC is growing and expanding, it became obvious that our IT infrastructure needed to grow and expand as well.  Mike and IT Corps have provided sensible, crucial and cost-effective information  technology solutions to ensure that our IT capabilities stay in step with our hospital growth."

    - Kerry Hale, Operations & Business Services Manager, Akron Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center

    Akron Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center (AVREC) began its business relationship with IT Corps in the last quarter of 2014.   AVREC’s technology systems were in need of updating with added security.  Management was concerned about its systems as well as the status of its infrastructure. They knew they wanted to work with a company that was responsive and reliable to help implement a solution.  This is when they called IT Corps.

    IT Corps was initially brought in to conduct a site audit to help address the technology needs of AVREC.  During the audit they found the server, which stores the Practice Management Software (PMS) as well as the company backups, had a failing hard drive.  Because AVREC is a 24-hour veterinary specialty and emergency center, its PMS is the company’s business and clients’ clinical history lifeline.  Without this software, Akron Vet would not be able to provide all the necessary customer services to its clients.

    Due to the importance of the company’s PMS, IT Corps immediately addressed the failing hard drive before it was irreparable. They were able to image the server, salvage the good data and repair the PMS’s server to ensure the software and information would function properly. IT Corps replaced the hard drive and made preparations to implement a new backup solution to prevent further issues.

    In the short time AVREC has been working with IT Corps, the company has implemented customized technology solutions to fit its needs. IT Corps has successfully improved security by implementing a smart firewall, upgraded all systems to Windows 7, consolidated infrastructure by leveraging virtual technologies with VMWare as well as mitigated risks through IT Corps’ System RetrieverTM backup solution.

  • Need A Better Backup?

    "When the decision to move forward with a StorageCraft backup solution was made, IT Corps was the recommended local vendor.  Mike and his team did an excellent job with scaling, installing, and configuring our multi-location environment.  Their professionalism and attention to detail was exceptional."

    -  Anonymous

  • Always on top of things!

    "Always alert and on top of our needs"


    - Sue Ann Seich, National Secretary, First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA)

    Mike Ita and his business relationship with the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA) has a long accomplished history of 13 years. Mike was originally contracted by FCSLA in 2003 when he was an independent contractor.  FCSLA was unhappy with its current IT vendor due to poor service and slow response times servicing the needs of FSCLA’s 45 employees plus managing the data of its 85,000 members nationwide. Fast-forward to present day, Mike and IT Corps is the preferred IT vendor for this $700 million company.

    Through all of IT Corps’ accomplishments, FCSLA has saved money in excess of six figures by implementing up-to-date technology features. One of IT Corps first big accomplishments was to revamp the month-end-process.  The old process wasn’t dynamic enough to allow system access while processing, hindering business process during that time. With the newly implemented system, FCSLA is able to process month end data while concurrently accessing the system during processing.  This revision also streamlined the process down to a few hours, allowing business to return to normal that same day.

    In addition to modernizing the month-end-process, IT Corps has accomplished several other network and server infrastructure projects, allowing FCSLA to consolidate and streamline its technology usage; saving hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. These projects include: researching, implementing and supporting the company’s document Management system, Fortis, which integrates to the custom designed in-house Policy Management System (PMS), designing and implementing a Web-Accessible Web-based Insurance Illustration product as well as assisting with the conversion of completely digital state insurance contracts, converting to a Managed Backup system with offsite data colocation, engineering and implementing a VMWare infrastructure as well as updating all computer systems to Windows 7. In order to protect and support these newly implemented technology advances, IT Corps authored and executed the FCSLA’s Disaster Recovery Plan as well as its Business Continuity Plan, to ensure business would be minimally impacted in case of a disaster.

    IT Corps has played an imperative role with FCSLA’s business operations. They helped facilitate the successful migration of data and resources after an acquisition of another fraternal society.  By implementing a data retention archive for compliance purposes, IT Corps passed three state audits as well as two IT audits conducted by independent vendors with no discrepancies.

    IT Corps is still currently servicing all of FCSLA’s IT needs, including, vendor liaison, vendor contract negotiation, IT consulting, engineering, project management, service and maintenance of all IT related systems, and utilizing IT Corps’ System Retriever backup product paired with offsite data colocation.

Meet The Owner

We are not your typical IT consultants.
We like to take a much more hands on and personal approach to your businesses IT needs. We use our passion and knowledge of IT services to offer realistic solutions for any small to medium sized business based on your needs and budget.

  • Mike Ita

    CEO & Founder

    As CEO, Mike is responsible for customer satisfaction, business development and strategic planning. He brings over 20 years of IT experience to his company and is looking forward to showing you ‘Tech Done Right!’







Let us know what you’re looking for and we will let you know how we can help.

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