Is Your Business Expanding?

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Akron Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center (AVREC) began its business relationship with IT Corps in the last quarter of 2014.   AVREC’s technology systems were in need of updating with added security.  Management was concerned about its systems as well as the status of its infrastructure. They knew they wanted to work with a company that was responsive and reliable to help implement a solution.  This is when they called IT Corps.

IT Corps was initially brought in to conduct a site audit to help address the technology needs of AVREC.  During the audit they found the server, which stores the Practice Management Software (PMS) as well as the company backups, had a failing hard drive.  Because AVREC is a 24-hour veterinary specialty and emergency center, its PMS is the company’s business and clients’ clinical history lifeline.  Without this software, Akron Vet would not be able to provide all the necessary customer services to its clients.

Due to the importance of the company’s PMS, IT Corps immediately addressed the failing hard drive before it was irreparable. They were able to image the server, salvage the good data and repair the PMS’s server to ensure the software and information would function properly. IT Corps replaced the hard drive and made preparations to implement a new backup solution to prevent further issues.

In the short time AVREC has been working with IT Corps, the company has implemented customized technology solutions to fit its needs. IT Corps has successfully improved security by implementing a smart firewall, upgraded all systems to Windows 7, consolidated infrastructure by leveraging virtual technologies with VMWare as well as mitigated risks through IT Corps’ System RetrieverTM backup solution.

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On February 26, 2015

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