Are You On A Tight Budget?

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In 2009, the Akron Bar Association (ABA) in Akron, Ohio was entering a new year in a new building with a new Executive Director. With a 25% reduction in staff support and unruly economic conditions, the ABA staff faced even more changes trying to streamline and simplify their processes and procedures in order to remain useful to its members and the community.

Enter technology. IT Corps, to be precise. Reliable, reasonably priced computers were found and installed. Wireless accessibility for members and staff was implemented. An economical yet dependable internet service provider was located and employed. Throughout the years servers and a firewall were replaced, and remote system access was made available to staff.

The Akron Bar Association is now in its 5th year of working with IT Corps. Keeping their promise to help streamline and simplify, IT Corps recently migrated the computers from Windows XP to Windows 7, implemented a faster internet connection, condensed & eliminated unnecessary servers utilizing VMWare, and began storing backups in the cloud.

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On February 11, 2015

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